Humanities Stream

Humanities is also a two-years program mainly related to the field of social science. This stream includes the subjects like journalism, mass communication, psychology, english, economics and so on. Students will be able to learn about the basic concepts of society, life, art and culture. This subject has more theoretical part due to which students will be able to enhance their creativity and writing skills. The subject mainly focuses on the social activities so students interested in social works can join humanities to understand the aspects of human life and social life of human as well. After passing the humanities in +2, one becomes eligible to study the subjects like BASW, BA, BCA, Bachelors in journalism and mass communication, Bachelors in sociology etc. The comprehensive knowledge students gain from +2 level helps them choose any subjects mentioned above as per their interest. This subject is also being more popular these days as it unbolt the doors of many employment opportunities. It was a deteriorated subject few years back but due to its flexibility in various aspects as of philosophy, art, culture and history, this subject is gaining popularity these days. Students become eligible to study this subject after the completion of SEE and also our college holds entrance examination to enroll the students.

C. English C. English
Mass Communication Mass Communication
Major English Major English
Sociology/RD/Economics/Environment Sociology/RD/ Economics/Environment